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Clouds crashing in the sky

Definitely to be seen as large as possible – Alex Schueth captured a timelapse of a rare cloud formation called a undulatus asperatus during a storm over Lincoln, Nebraska. Holy Guacamole!

There’s an incredible 16-second sequence in this video of clouds, starting at around 10 seconds in. It looks as though the sky is a roiling ocean wave about to crash on the beach. I’ve watched it approximately 90 times so far today.

It’s worth making the video fullscreen and pumping it up to the max quality (2160p!) to see it properly. Continue reading…

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Gorgeous Long-Exposure Photographs of Golden Waves

I know I do post a lot of pictures of waves – but look at these! They’re too gorgeous not to share.

With a preference for the early morning light, artist David Orias enjoys capturing saturated hues and motion that our eyes could not otherwise see in these gorgeous ocean scenes. His series, entitled Waves, features golden hues and stunning painterly strokes that blend together into these vibrant and expressive images. But, don’t be fooled, what you see before your eyes aren’t paintings, they are actually photographs!

The California-based artist uses long exposures and a telephoto lens to capture a wide range of motion that fuse together nicely in these peaceful scenes. Thanks to the dawn sunlight as well as the California atmosphere, he captures an impressive palette of color combinations. He explains, “Southern California has its fire season and sometimes this creates conditions of eerie orange light in the morning as the sunlight is filtered and scattered by smoke particles. This creates unusual and to some viewers unrealistic colors. I take the baseline colors and work with them to create a fine art appeal.” Continue reading…


Beautiful Ocean Waves from Incredible Perspectives

Text reposted from MyModernMET.

Photographers CJ Kale and Nick Selway are artists who seek out great adventure. The two have a passion for the outdoors and they travel all around the world to capture the wonder and beauty of the natural world in photographic form. Based in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, both artists spend a lot of time exploring the active Kilauea volcano and capturing what they call the “pounding surf” of Hawaii’s beaches.

In this series, Waves, viewers are transported into a place that only few dare to venture. As each wave swells and then crests overhead, Kale and Selway are both able to fearlessly photograph the moments right before the water crashes down against their heads. The results of these high risk moments are amazing! The artists capture powerful waves and stunning gradients of color from perspectives only few are willing to attempt. Each image makes you feel as if you are right in the action and, with the summertime heat upon us, I can’t help but daydream about swimming in this refreshing, crystal clear water.

Together, the two best friends feature their diverse photography collection at their fine art business, Lava Light Galleries, in downtown Kona.

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