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Van Gogh: Altered Visionary

Dichromatic paintings?

I recently stumbled across a rather stunning idea. After visiting a design exhibit that modeled the visual experience of people with colorblindness, Kazunori Asada noticed that the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh on display had entered a new light, so to speak. Under the chromatically filtered light, Van Gogh’s more striking and curious color choices suddenly became natural and warm. It was if this was how they were meant to be viewed, Asada thought.

Did Vincent Van Gogh have a color vision deficiency? Continue reading…

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Van Gogh’s Starry Night Transformed Into Touch-Sensitive Interactive Artwork

This is one of those things where I think being able to “play” with it would make all the difference. It is pretty to watch in motion, though, and makes me wonder what other works of art would be interesting to interact with.

By Kyana Gordon @

Using openFrameworks, Greek digital artist and electrical engineer, Petros Vrellis, created an interactive version of Vincent van Gogh’s post-impressionist painting, ‘Starry Night’. Swirling patterns of color are set into motion, as a touch-sensitive interface alters the image, animating the night sky by sending the flow of the wind into a different direction. With a MIDI interface, a soft ambient tone accompanies the fluid movements. Watch mesmerized as a classic work of art is transformed into a playful piece of digital art, yet returns to its original glory when left untouched.

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