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REVIEW: “The 16th Animation Show of Shows”

My favorite in the “The 16th Animation Show of Shows” was “We Can’t Live Without Cosmos” directed by Konstantin Bronzit of Russia. Has anyone else had a chance to see any of these?


Article by Fred Patten via

Every year Ron Diamond, the founder of Hollywood’s Acme Filmworks animation studio (specializing in animated television commercials), puts together an Animation Show of Shows, consisting of his pick of about a hundred minutes’ worth – a dozen or so — of the best animated short films of the year, from those shown around the world at international film festivals, for presentation at over forty major animation studios and schools in California, Oregon, and Washington (Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Sony Pictures, Illumination, ILM, UCLA Animation Workshop, San Jose State University, ASIFA chapters in Hollywood, Portland, Seattle, etc.), several East Coast states, and selected locations around the world. The winner of the following year’s Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film has often been included on an Animation Show of Shows program. Continue reading…

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Daniel Xiao’s Beautiful Concept Work

Daniel Xiao

Daniel Xiao is a concept and matte painting artist who has worked for Pixar Animation Studios, Dreamworks Universal and Fantasy Flight Games, among others.

Xiao paints digitally in Photoshop, as well as working with 3-D applications like Maya and Sketchup Pro.

His fantastical landscapes have a wonderful sense of scale and atmospheric perspective, the qualities of which don’t really come through in the small images I’m showing above. The visual appeal of his work is much more evident on his on site, and even more so on some larger selections you can see in this post on Concept Ships.

Xiao also has a blog that features additional images and work in progress.

On his website you will also find images of digitlally rendered naturalistic landscapes, still lifes and studies from artists like John Singer Sargent.

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Pixar’s Brave Concept Art And Sculptures

I’m still a little upset that Pixar replaced Brave’s original director (and writer of the script), Brenda Chapman, with Mark Andrews (Pixar’s first female director directing Pixar’s first female protagonist = win!), but se la vie.

There’s a rolling exhibition of concept art and development pieces on display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park at Walt Disney World. They’re in the midst of a changeover right now, as while the signage still tells visitors to expect Winnie the Pooh and Cars 2 works inside, they’ve already brought out the pictures and sculptures for Pixar’s summer movie, Brave.

Denise of Mouse Steps stopped by the exhibit, camera in hand, and has reported back with images and video of what she saw.

Here are some of the images, and at the foot of the post, the video which is more comprehensive and actually features some of the best stuff.

But as you’d expect, it’s all good looking stuff.

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