The lighting is gorgeous in these. I wish I could find out more about the work, but alas everything I can find is in Russian.

12ak (603x600, 240Kb)

9ak (595x600, 244Kb)

1ak (607x600, 287Kb)

2ak (592x600, 270Kb)

3ak (601x600, 279Kb)

4ak (598x600, 357Kb)

5ak (599x600, 488Kb)

6ak (613x600, 505Kb)

7ak (593x600, 362Kb)

8ak (590x600, 309Kb)

10ak (596x600, 492Kb)

11ak (596x600, 225Kb)

13ak (586x600, 282Kb)

14ak (623x622, 312Kb)

15ak (600x340, 99Kb)

16ak (605x600, 212Kb)

17ak (489x490, 260Kb)

18ak (592x600, 294Kb)

19ak (583x600, 467Kb)

20ak (604x600, 270Kb)

21ak (597x600, 345Kb)

22ak (596x600, 225Kb)

23ak (598x600, 476Kb)

24ak (596x600, 312Kb)

25ak (599x600, 244Kb)

26ak (601x600, 500Kb)

27ak (594x600, 269Kb)