…Muted colors, soft lines, undefined depths are not phrases a photographer would likely use to describe her photographs.  Texture is not the first word used when describing the art of photography.  But it is exactly these qualities that are visible in Jamie’s pictures, Jamie’s photographs.

For as long as she can remember, she has been a collector of images. Clipped from magazines, taped in notebooks, soaked up in movie theaters, she stores them in her head, she captures them with her camera.  It is with the camera that she can stop a moment in time…collecting the beauty of that moment to keep and return to again and again.

By using Polaroid film, adding watercolors on top of a photograph, or processing digital images in Photoshop, she tries to represent these slices of time and create an image that shows the magic in this reality yet still represents that exact moment.

See  and read about Jamie and her photography on her website.