I love seeing how artists represent animals and humans using silhouettes. Some are quite simple while others are more elaborate. Here are a few wonderful examples found at theanimalarium.blogspot.com.
Album des Herzogs von Schwerin, 1750
Simplicity is always in style!
 Arthur Rackam, from Cinderella, 1919, thanks to art.crazed
Cover of V.J.Stanek’s Introducing Monkeys, thanks to Freaky Fauna
Unknown artist, The Monkey Celebrating with Ozoni of New Year’s cards, 1932
Catherine Louis, Me l’ha detto il topo, thanks to Hipopotamstudio
Nature Magazine, June 1927
Enzo MariThe Fable Game,1965
Paul Rand, Écoute! Écoute!, 1970
Reyer Stolk, Silhouetten, 1945, thanks to BibiliOdissey
Edward Gorey, The Sopping Thursday
Steph Walker, Bear exercise
Claude KuhnPuce Aarberg Antiquitäten, 1999
Gwen Le GacLa regle d’or du cache-cache
Suzy Lee via bookvart