17 Year Old Surreal Photographer: Maria Sardari

These are unique, and stand out against a lot of other artwork I’ve been seeing of late. Refreshing!

With models fading into the hallways, lights coming from their eyes… floating, sleeping, dreaming, wanting… these photographs are surreal and captivating like a dream you don’t want to wake from. They are the creations of photographer Maria Sardani, who is only 17 years old.

Residing in the United States, Maria Sardari is originally from Moldova, a place that she draws on heavily for inspiring memories from childhood. Her work is influenced by the variety of colors found in nature and the idea of mythical beings being connected with the earth. She is a self educated photographer and sometimes thinks it was the best that way — because it allowed her to have no limitations in what she creates. She says there were also certain events in life she couldn’t fully comprehend that gave inspiration to what she produces. That sounds like the perfect source for her dreamy works. We look forward to watching her style develop.

To see Maria Sardari’s current portfolio see her Flickr or DeviantArt pages.

Via visualnews.com


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