Photographs Renewed

It is funny how a little color adds life or realism to a picture.

These iconic photographs were originally black and white but now you can finally see the colour of Abe Lincolns bowtie!

Via Wall to Watch


2 Responses to “Photographs Renewed”

    • Christy Heyob

      Hi Dennis! I found the work on “Wall to Watch”, but it is odd that they don’t have a link to the actual artist who created/restored these -so I looked it up and found that the work can be credited to a Swedish artist by the name of Sanna Dullaway. Supposedly this work has stirred up some controversy according to a few news sites, such as Huffington… You can see more of her restorations @ Hope that answers your question! (Usually I do try to have a link to the artist’s website, but I’ve been half-brained of late due to thesis work. Sorry about that!!)


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