NY Photographer Wows with Minimalist Sky Color Gradients

Love these! Reminds me of James Turrell’s breathtaking work.

New-York based photographer Eric Cahan seems to be ‘suffering’ from a common syndrome affecting inhabitants of major cities. He is obsessed with the sky. Unlike most of us, however, Cahan is also immensely skilled at capturing the sky in photo format and presenting it before our very eyes in manners we’ve never previously imagined possible. His Sky Series is essentially a photographic essay depicting nothing more than beautiful color gradients. It is a muted meditation on the conjoined transience of time and light, and their impact on our daily lives.

Sky Series Video from eric cahan on Vimeo.

Ever knew the sky could be pink, orange, purple and then black to blue? Ever fathomed that all these changes can occur over a span of minutes? Eric Cahan figured this out earlier than us, so he set out with his color photo filters and no fewer than four digital and film-format cameras. He declaredly aimed to “create a window into a time and a place, and to play with the abstract through color gradients, shifting, and manipulation.” In doing so, he haunted the same places across the United States, from New York to California and then back again. He woke up early, used dozens of filters, but also managed to come up with results that are breathtakingly beautiful.

(Source: EricCahan.com)


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