Oil Paintings Made with Rippling Drops

Just beautiful.

At first glance, from a distance, I thought I was looking at an image that incorporated a form of Pointillism. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that artist Matthew Davis’ paintings display more than just a multitude of dots. The works require far more attention and patience to construct. (Keep in mind: Pointillism is not quick and easy.)

Davis’ time-consuming, yet effective technique involves dripping drops of oil paints in layers. Between each layer, the artist waits for the paints to fully dry. The amount of time spent waiting for each layer to dry coupled with the time and precision to create the rippling swarm of circles in each image is incredible.

On top of all of that, Davis utilizes a wide range of colors you wouldn’t think to include and it works brilliantly! A blue pool of water is adorned with swirls of reds and greens. A dark night sky is bubbled with rings of whites, oranges, yellows. It seems like everything has every color in it, yet one subject is distinguishable from another. Really remarkable work!

More of Matthew Davis’s work can be found on his website @ http://www.matthewdavis.de/

Found @ My Modern MET


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