Close up, the paper appears to be hewn roughly; but at a distance, the final product is striking.

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resembling traditional embroidered patchworks, the ‘big business 3’ book and poster series by chinese creative agency senseteam cuts apart and recomposes the currencies of countries from around the world in an examination of dentity and cultural desires that links together wealth, branding, and human expressions and ethnicities.

currency symbolizes the value of a nation and its position in the world,‘ explain the designers. the ‘big business 3’ portraits ‘reflect the subtle relationships and influences across money, desire, society, nations, and human beings.

the designs escape overly simplified, fetishistic readings– like the idea that consumerist society reduces an individual only to his financial worth– in the way that they combine diverse currencies into a layered, multi-toned image that from a short distance resemble sewn patchworks more than they do paper collages. in this way the series says as much about the international flow of money, and the human, cultural foundation behind a given currency, as it does about the place of the individual in contemporary economies.

the work has been awarded a gold award in communication design by the hong kong design centre at the design for asia award 2011.

detail view

detail view

the making-of of the portraits

some of the money prior to cutting and collaging

the ‘big business 3’ book for which the collages were created reports on the year’s best design campaign from the top 500 brands worldwide