Light Photography

I apologize for the lack of posts over this past weekend! I was taking advantage of every and any chance to relax before this final semester of my MFA starts up… :) But while I was doing so, I found  a whole lot of interesting nature, medical, techie and art stuff that I want to share! Here’s a beautiful example of light painting to get us started.

Article found @

Alan Jaras Light Photography

By: Andrea Tumino

British artist Alan Jaras turns light into awesome works of art. A majority of the works are analogue images of the refraction patterns from a beam of light passing through a transparent object (Jaras uses pieces of textured glass). The image is captured directly on to 35mm film, no camera lens is used (a photogram using film instead of photographic paper), the transparent object replaces the lens. Jaras introduces color by placing specially prepared colored filters directly in the light beam. “These images have not been computer generated or color treated. The colors you see are a faithful reproduction of those captured on film,” says Jaras.












More of Alan Jaras’s work can be found on @


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