Music: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk

Shot Breakdown

“Nightlite” (firefly):
• final work completed at SCAD
* Programs: Maya, Photoshop, After Effects

“The Friend Ship” (space!):
• Project completed for The Mother Company
• My role: Production Coordinator/ fabrication/ matte painting
* Programs: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Numbers

“The Story of Pine” (birds/animals in the snow):
* Project completed for A Fine Frenzy
* My role: Fabrication
* Programs: Photoshop

“Miss the Misery” (pixelation/woman fading into wall)
• Music Video for the Foo Fighters directed by Pete Levin
• My role: Animation Production Assistant

“Gromus” (orange stop motion character on video)
* stop motion/SCAD
* Programs: Premiere

Ball taking flight
* compositing/SCAD
* Programs: Maya, Flame, After Effects

CG Landscape (lower resolution)
thesis shot/CalArts
* Programs: Terragen, Photoshop, After Effects

Abstract work
* thesis shot/CalArts
* Programs: Photoshop, After Effects

Dia de los Muertos projections
* Work created for Hollywood Forever 2012 Festival
* My role: content creation and animation
* Programs: Photoshop, After Effects

CG clouds (lower resolution):
* thesis work/CalArts
* Programs: Terragen, Photoshop, After Effects